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ST. Albans Road, Stafford, ST16 3DR. Tel: 01785 253786

  Tel: 01785 253786
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Here at Downings, we have been involved in recycling for over 30 years. Origionally a recovered fibre merchant until the late 80’s when we branched out into the wider waste stream service sector.

We specialise in paper and board recycling, however due to landfill directives and tax increases, it is ever increasingly becoming our objective to recycle as many different types of waste as we can process and pack for recovery.

At our depot in Stafford we have an industrial automatic baling press capable of handling 20 tons per hour of waste paper. We use this to pack material into bulk loads for recovery in the recycling market place. We also use the machine for baling polythene as well.

We also operate a Household, Commercial and industrial waste transfer station with treatment facilities and storage of bonded type asbestos site permit no: EAWML 100160 on site we can screen and sort materials from the mixed waste we receive into recycleable stock. The waste we collect from you  as a householder or business will be processed and recycled to a high percentage.


One of the many options we offer for recycling in the workplace is the recycle bin. Fill it with paper then transfer it to the main bin, we will then come and collect on a regular basis.


Once the waste has been sorted it is baled at which point we can offer it for sale as a commodity. We achieve good prices in the market place as a well established name in the industry.

Paper from the printing industry is waste that we have dealt with for the entirity of our business life. We can offer great solutions for printers waste and competitive prices.

Do you get snowed under with pallet wrap or polythene? We are always on the lookout for more polythene, especially clean films from warehouses ect. Contact us today to discuss futher.